About Love Necklace Collar
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About Love Necklace Collar

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All about Love. We believe that love exists in all shapes, every size, and any color. If you need a big, beautiful reminder that love thrives regardless of where you are, this colorful collar is the perfect accessory to adorn yourself with love and confidence. 


One size, but comes with three latch increments. 
Made with 100% Crystal Glass Beads from Czechoslovakia. This is the real deal.

Beaded clasp. Made by hand in Ecuador by master female artisans who have carried forward a centuries old tradition of beadwork. The necklace takes about 7 days to make! Beads are threaded with crazy strong shoe-grade string that feels impossible to break. Necklace color and design curated by Mara.

Notes from other women:

"I received my Shop About Love delivery today and everything I got is better than I thought it would be." -Christine