Hand knit Alpaca Wool Sweater Black and White Minimalist Modern Handmade Ethical Fair Trade Crewneck Pullover
Women's Warm Hypoallergenic Alpaca Sweater Made in Ecuador
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Balance Sweater

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It's all about balance. Letting dark and light, hard and soft, coffee and cream all work together to make something unique and powerful. That's how you should feel in this sweater, like you've given yourself permission to embrace life's complexities and contradictions. From late nights working on that perfect proposal at work to Sunday morning brunch, you'll reach for this sweater again and again.


80% Alpaca / 20% Wool

This sweater is sold-out! But thanks for the interest.

Alpaca, a natural fiber harvested in Ecuador, is a warmer fiber than wool! Alpaca is also known to be naturally hypo-allergenic, as it doesn't contain lanolin. And it's naturally water repellent, wicks away body moisture, and also resists acquired odors. Note: this alpaca is not "baby alpaca", which is made from very, very fine alpaca fibers. These fibers are made from thicker alpaca fibers and the feel is more like merino wool. If you are sensitive to slightly itchy wools, I would lean you towards our other sweaters, which have softer wool fibers.

The fit is designed to not be too tight, so that you have room for coziness and layering. We recommend ordering the size you normally would. For XS, the Small should still work, with a slightly looser feel. 

Sweater designed by Mara. Made for About Love by a co-op of expert knitters in Ecuador - 62 women strong. We adhere to Fair Trade practices to uplift all who contribute to our shop. 

Care Notes: 

To best preserve the quality and shape of this sweater, dry clean green or soak and hand wash very gently with a gentle soap (like Woolite), towel-roll to remove excess water (no wringing), and lay flat to dry. Store with cedar, or other natural moth repellents in off-seasons. 


Notes from Other Women:

 "I wore my new sweater today and just loved it!" -Kelsey


"In ❤️with my sweater! Bring on the cold weather!" -Cathy


"I was so pleased to receive my Balance Sweater earlier this week and just love it so much!" -Kathryn


"Box 3 of 3 arrived yesterday, from which I pulled out yet another sweater, and squealed with glee. (I may have gone a little nutso during this sale.) Bravo to you for a beautiful first collection. Since I’ve sampled just about every corner of your store, I feel authorized to report that each product is absolutely perfect in its unique way. The wools are flattering and sooooo comfortable, the leather is (I love my Circle of Women bag!) and the totes are solid and striking. I am just blown away by the quality and design of each product and can’t wait to see what you offer next at the Shop (read: those boots!).

And while I’m gushing, bravo to you for creating a shop that so well aligns with your brand, with the insights and stories you’ve share on your blog and podcasts. Sleep well knowing your customers love you right back. 😍" -Rachael


"My favorite sweater!"  -Cathy


"The design and craftsmanship of the sweater is gorgeous. I absolutely love how it looks!" -Rachel


"I just got the jumper. It looks lovely! Thank you! And I love everything it represents in your blurb." -Demelza (U.K.)


"I have worn my new jumper all day, it’s great!" -Demelza (U.K.)


"It has been so hard to find quality sweaters that aren't a million dollars. So thank you for making beautiful quality products!!" -Lauren


"Got the sweater, we love it! Thanks again." -Reza


"My mom is going to LOVE this sweater I got from you guys." -Sophia


"Absolutely gorgeous sweater! So well made, the colors are perfect/just as shown. The sweater is actually longer than I thought it would be, which is nice. I am tall, thin with long arms and the sleeves are a good length. Also, the neck is nice and high, so it is extra warm. All in all, a great item." -H.B.