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Danny and Mara

We are Mara & Danny Kofoed. And we can't stop helping others to rise up and reach a state of peace in their lives - regardless of what circumstances they are facing. In fact, we've been doing this our entire 7 year marriage. It's just what we do.

The two of us have learned independently that it was, indeed, possible to develop self-worth from scratch and to live happier lives, even in the midst of the most difficult experiences of our own lives (divorce, infertility, and infidelity). So, well, we do our best to give back and pass along all we've learned. 

This shop is our way of getting you some items that can really help you to have more self-love and bring more love to the world. Each item has an intention behind it - a purpose in helping you to be reminded of your power and greatness. Let the piece be a living affirmation - a reminder on a daily basis that you are worthy of love, you are lovable just as you are, you are capable of achieving great things, you are worthy of care and pleasure and time for yourself. 

It's as simple as grabbing your handmade "Self-Care Sweater" after a hard day and thinking to yourself that you are worthy of love and care.

The idea of the shop was born out of a refugee fundraiser we hosted on A Blog About Love. The project got us out of the house and working with artisans in Ecuador. And if you know Mara, you know the idea of opening an actual shop was right around the corner.

Know that every item is created with love in mind...love for you, love for the people created the items, love for the earth, love for causes we work to support, love for our message, and love for each other. 

This shop is our love letter to you - to anyone who has the call to go back to caring for yourself and caring for others. This is the best way to heal the world that I know of.

With that, we thank you for being on this path with us. 

With Love,

Mara + Danny

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