Where are your products made?

All our products are made by hand in small crafting towns dotting the Andes of Ecuador. We have found master artisans who are preserving centuries old crafts making traditions. This is a great opportunity to own a product with so much history, so much care surrounding it, and so much love... Yes, this whole shop was created to help bring some more love into your life and into the world! 

Are your products Fair-Trade?

We are not "certified" ourselves as a Fair-Trade company (as it's a complicated application process at this stage.) But we have partnered with a Certified Fair Trade specialist in Ecuador who has guided us towards approved artisan co-ops and we are paying prices that meet criteria for Fair Trade qualifications.

Do you have large quantities?

No, we do not. Because all of our goods are handmade and not made in a factory, the production time is much longer and the pieces are more expensive to produce. Each item should be considered a Limited Edition - though it is our hope to replenish stock (and new designs!), depending on demand. We have lots of new design plans in the works.

Are your products eco-friendly?

Yes! We care deeply about being environmentally responsible and are taking actions in our business to stay true to that. 

  • All of our items are made from natural, biodegradable materials such as Sheep's Wool, Alpaca Wool, Toquilla Palm Leaf, Wood, Cotton, Glass, and Leather.
  • We use eco-friendly packaging to send the items to our customers. Some of our artisans do send us their finished items wrapped in plastic, however - so you may see some plastic in your package from time to time. 

Why are most of your artisans women? 

Women in Ecuador are some of the most hard working people you would ever meet. Often, they are the ones organizing and forming co-ops to carry out much of the craft making. As a company, we're thankful to support so many female artisans and business owners as women continue to fight for equal pay and opportunities across the globe. 

Where were your items photographed?

Near Brooklyn, at Fort Tilden beach. Our wonderful design team took our vision and did our photography, logo, branding, casting, and website.

What roles do you each play in the business?

Mara has custom designed or curated all of the items in the shop and loves the creative outlet. Her style has developed from nearly two decades of living in the creative center of Brooklyn and also from traveling to many parts of the world + owning a previous clothing line. All of the Shop About Love pieces are ones she would love to own for herself. 

Danny helps with the technical side of our designs and business. He builds models, diagrams, spreadsheets, and tech sheets to present to our artisans and customs team. All in Spanish. 

We both divide and conquer to carry out all the other aspects of the business, along with our Artisan Co-ops and Shop Manager in Ecuador and our Design Team and Shipping Manager in Brooklyn. 


Any other questions? We'd love to hear from you! Write us at service@shopaboutlove.com.