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Color Therapy Pillow

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Let sparks of happiness fly with this gem of a pillow! We dare you to find something happier than this line-up of colorful stripes. We believe that lovely things and bright colors can give hope during difficult times and joy on gloomy winter days—especially when they come to us with an inspiring origin story. This cloth is made by an indigenous family who came to Cuenca to sell their handiwork, the colorful stripes are woven on an antique loom and take weeks to make. Of course, the pattern caught our eye from a mile away and while there are many stripe options available, this is our favorite. When you see this pillow in your home, imagine the women and girls of this community who wear this cloth as a skirt, and remember that we are all connected to each other in a sisterhood of love and empowerment.


Striped Fabric: 100% hand-loomed cotton. 


Size: 19" x 19"

Very soft to the touch. Hidden zipper at bottom. Pillow insert not included. For a fuller look, get a pillow an inch or two larger. Sewn for About Love by an interior design studio in Ecuador.


Notes from Other Women:

"Box 3 of 3 arrived yesterday, from which I pulled out yet another sweater, and squealed with glee. (I may have gone a little nutso during this sale.) Bravo to you for a beautiful first collection. Since I’ve sampled just about every corner of your store, I feel authorized to report that each product is absolutely perfect in its unique way. The wools are flattering and sooooo comfortable, the leather is (I love my Circle of Women bag!) and the totes are solid and striking. I am just blown away by the quality and design of each product and can’t wait to see what you offer next at the Shop (read: those boots!).

And while I’m gushing, bravo to you for creating a shop that so well aligns with your brand, with the insights and stories you’ve share on your blog and podcasts. Sleep well knowing your customers love you right back. 😍" -Rachael


"This pillow is even better in person!" -G.