Entrepreneur Sweater
Entrepreneur Sweater
Entrepreneur Sweater
Entrepreneur Sweater
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Entrepreneur Sweater

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This statement sweater is for those who are working to make the Big. Stuff. Happen. You’re ready to offer the world your influence, your legacy, and your unique gifts. And like the wonder-woman you are, you’ll do everything to make IT happen. So let this sweater cloak you with the light, confidence, fearlessness, and love you need to execute, shine, triumph, and persist. The world needs you. You are a gift no one else can give, and if this sweater helps you remember your inherit value and limitless potential, then so be it. Plus, POCKETS. You can do anything when you’ve got pockets.


100% Wool
One size available (to fit most S, M, L)

This sweater is crazy warm and cozy.

Sweater designed by Mara. Made for About Love by a co-op of expert knitters in Ecuador - 62 women strong. We lovingly adhere to Fair Trade practices to uplift all who contribute to our shop. 

Notes from other women:

"I bought all of the sweaters (!) and love each one of them. The one I've worn the most is "The Entrepreneur Sweater"--so many compliments on it!" -Amy 


"I received my Shop About Love delivery today and everything I got is better than I thought it would be." -Christine 


"The Entrepreneur Sweater is even more perfect than I imagined!!"


"Box 3 of 3 arrived yesterday, from which I pulled out yet another sweater, and squealed with glee. (I may have gone a little nutso during this sale.) Bravo to you for a beautiful first collection. Since I’ve sampled just about every corner of your store, I feel authorized to report that each product is absolutely perfect in its unique way. The wools are flattering and sooooo comfortable, the leather is (I love my Circle of Women bag!) and the totes are solid and striking. I am just blown away by the quality and design of each product and can’t wait to see what you offer next at the Shop (read: those boots!).

And while I’m gushing, bravo to you for creating a shop that so well aligns with your brand, with the insights and stories you’ve share on your blog and podcasts. Sleep well knowing your customers love you right back. 😍" -Rachael