Friendship Bag
Friendship Bag
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Friendship Bag

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In Greek mythology, The Three Graces are the goddesses of joy, beauty, and creativity. We hope our three-striped bag reminds you of your three best friends, and how they exemplify the traits of these ancient goddesses. With any luck, you’ll be inspired to find new ways to nurture and sustain your friendship. Hey, maybe you could even send them this bag! Friends are a gift and we hope our bag reminds you to love them even more.


Made by hand from: 100% Toquilla (Palm Leaf)
Base Size: 13" H x 20" W
Oval Base

Designed by Mara. Suitable for carrying loads of things, this bag is as sturdy as they come. Made by expert weaving artisans in a weaving town in Ecuador. Drive through this town, and every woman you see in every direction will be carrying palm leaves and weaving a beautiful piece of art.