Healing Hour Bag
Healing Hour Bag
Healing Hour Bag
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Healing Hour Bag

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Take this bag somewhere for one hour of self-care. Maybe to the spa. Maybe it's to a coffee shop, or your local library or favorite park. Fill your bag with everything you need to enjoy a delicious hour doing something you love. Books, essential oils, a favorite snack, a Turkish towel, meditation apps. The renewal you feel will circle back and lighten every other part of your life. This hour is a lifeline, people. Our favorite self-care outings? Acupuncture, facials, and reading somewhere outside. Ok, and going to the hot springs. Living in the Andes has its perks! Wherever you go, bring this bag. It’s beautiful and strong, just like you. (No seriously, this bag is indestructible. I think I could carry around a pile of bricks, no problem.)


Made by Hand with: 100% Toquilla (Palm Leaf)
Size of Base: 16.5" Diameter, 4.75" W

Designed by Mara. Made by expert weaving artisans in a weaving town in Ecuador. Drive through these towns and every woman you see will be carrying palm leaves and weaving a beautiful piece of art. We adhere to Fair Trade practices to uplift all who contribute to our shop.


Notes from other women:

"I received my Shop About Love delivery today and everything I got is better than I thought it would be." -Christine 


"The bag and baskets arrived and are SO beautiful!! Thank you so much!" -Claire, of Plant Planet