Chunky Wool White Cardigan Sweater Jacket with Pockets and Collar
Womens Wool Hand Knit Ethical Sweater
Handmade grandpa cardigan with soft wool that isn't itchy
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Self-Care Sweater

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UPDATE: As of Dec. 2022, we are sold-out of size X-SMALL, SMALL & size LARGE. However, we have another shipment of sweaters on the way. So you may place a PRE-ORDER for these sizes and still benefit from our holiday sale. Though your shipping will be delayed. Thank you for your patience. It will be worth the wait!

MEDIUM & X-LARGE are currently in stock.


Thank you all so much for loving this sweater!! It's truly the best. And our wonderful knitters in Ecuador thank you, too. They are so very grateful.

Please read below for SIZING tips. 


Here we have the original chunky wool sweater that started it all. We wanted everyone to have a chance to own this magnificent piece, so we had to open this dang shop. This warming sweater is self-care for your soul. Wear it as a reminder that caring for yourself and caring for others is what we are here to do. This sweater is an investment in women everywhere, both the maker and the wearer. Here's what you need to know about this product: it's ridiculously well made and structured. Soft, not itchy. Stand up collar and POCKETS. It's what fall and winter dreams are made of. It remains my favorite sweater I've ever owned.


100% Wool. Wooden Buttons.

This is our #1 Best Seller and has sold out many, many times. 


Made for About Love by a co-op of expert knitters in Ecuador - 62 women strong. We adhere to Fair Trade practices to uplift all who contribute to our shop. Our knitters are extremely happy every time we re-order sweaters. Many are breadwinners in their households. So thank you for your order.


The model shown is wearing a size Small.

*The fit is already designed to not be too tight, so that you have room for coziness and layering. 

*Please order the size you normally would.

*When in doubt, however, or if you are between sizes or if you often find yourself ordering 2 different sizes, I recommend ordering the smaller size of the two. Like if you sometimes wear a Medium and sometimes wear a Small - then go with the size Small.

*If you are PETITE, this sweater will likely be too oversized for you. This sweater - due to it's roomy nature - is going to be best for people on on the Taller side. Like 5'5" and Taller. If you are Petite Size in height - email us to discuss sizing. Our larger sizes may not be suitable due to arm length and bodice length.  

*Sizing is similar to an LL Bean fit. (Though this is not a factory made sweater. Get ready for the highest quality you can find.)

*The fit and structure of the sweater are excellent. Our knitters are extremely consistent in their sizing.

Care Notes: 

To best preserve the quality and shape of this sweater, you may dry clean or do a very gentle hand wash. For hand washing, soak in cold water for about 20 minutes with some gentle soap (like Woolite or the wool shampoo from The Laundress). Very gently swish the sweater in the water (less agitation is better.) Rinse twice, pressing out the water. 

Never wring or hang-dry, since wet wool stretches easily. Towel-roll to remove excess water (no wringing), and lay flat to dry on a new towel or a mesh rack. Reshape. You can adjust the fit slightly bigger or smaller, and as the garment dries it will set in place.  

*Tip: Wash your sweater on a sunny day and lay near a window for a quicker dry time. Seasonally, it's great to wash sweaters on less humid days, for quicker drying. 

Please note that if heavy items are regularly placed in the pockets, some stretching may occur over time. Store with cedar, or other natural moth repellents in off-seasons. 


Q & A:

*Is the yarn *itchy*? No. This wool is soft and wonderful! That is why we chose this particular yarn. However, if you have a wool allergy or extreme sensitivities to any type of wool, please don't place an order as this is made of wool. 

*Is it available in other colors? No. For this particular style, this is the most perfect yarn we could find in the area of the Andes where our knitters live.

*Does the collar stand up on its own? Yes!

*Do you offer any customization with the sweaters? No.


Notes from other women:

"Mara and Danny of A Blog About Love just opened a shop! They have incredible taste. Every item is perfection, including this sweater." - Gabrielle Blair, Design Mom


"The quality is SO good. You are not charging enough for this sweater!" -Sabine


"I just received my Self-Care Sweater and I absolutely love it!!❤️ It's so thick and well made and not itchy at all. And the pockets! Even though I live in Florida, I'm always freezing, so I know I will get to use it this winter." -Alison


"I've basically worn this sweater nonstop since it arrived. Five stars." -Gabrielle Blair, Design Mom 


"I received my Shop About Love delivery today and everything I got is better than I thought it would be." -Christine 


"I can't thank you enough for offering such a beautiful product! I practically lived in the Self-Care Sweater last winter. I had to now buy the Entrepreneur Sweater. JUST HAD TO."  -Rachael


"I love my sweater, Mara!!! Excited to see more people can enjoy it, too!" -Stacey


-From IG Stories: "I'm getting DMs about my cardigan. It's the Self Care Sweater by A Shop About Love. I've had it for years and I love it so much." -Gabrielle Blair, Design Mom


"I got my sweater yesterday! Thank you!! It's beautiful!" -Julianna


"I sure love my sweater!" -Sarah


"Box 3 of 3 arrived yesterday, from which I pulled out yet another sweater, and squealed with glee. (I may have gone a little nutso during this sale.) Bravo to you for a beautiful first collection. Since I’ve sampled just about every corner of your store, I feel authorized to report that each product is absolutely perfect in its unique way. The wools are flattering and sooooo comfortable, the leather is (I love my Circle of Women bag!) and the totes are solid and striking. I am just blown away by the quality and design of each product and can’t wait to see what you offer next at the Shop (read: those boots!). And while I’m gushing, bravo to you for creating a shop that so well aligns with your brand, with the insights and stories you’ve share on your blog and podcasts. Sleep well knowing your customers love you right back. 😍" -Rachael


"I just wanted to write and let you know how AMAZING the Self-Care Sweater has been since I've purchased. Mara, I loved the sweater long before it was in the shop, as I'd seen you wearing it in several long ago blog posts. I was thrilled when I saw it for sale and used Christmas money to buy one of my own. I had high hopes, and I was NOT disappointed. It is truly lovely. The craftsmanship couldn't be better, and I don't say that lightly as I'm an experienced knitter myself. I echo a previous review that you are not charging enough! The wool is warm and it is wearing beautifully. I am very petite, and I purchased the small. It does have some roominess in it, but in a wonderful "grandpa cardigan" kind of way. It was worth every penny and I will wear it with pride." -April M.


"This is the most wonderful sweater! ❤️❤️❤️"  -Rachael


"It is my go to sweater. Love!" -Alison


"I absolutely love my purchases from you!! I am always getting compliments :)" -Ashley


"The sweater is amazing! Thank you so very much." -Ruth


"This sweater is beautifully made. The wool is quite heavy but the overall effect is stylish and semi-fitted, not bulky. It took a while to get it because it is hand made, but it was well worth the wait." -Sara


”I wanted to tell you Bri loves her sweater! She wears it all the time! The pockets, stand up collar and the fit are perfect! Thank you for bringing this sweater to life😘.” -Liz


"I've received so many compliments on this beautiful sweater! Thank you. 😊" -Ruth


"I'm wearing my new fav sweater I snagged from @dannyandmara's online shop.❤️" -Koseli (@koswriter)


"The Universe knew I needed this sweater. A Hug sent by a my Higher Power, in the form of this handknit piece. Mara went above the call of duty answering my questions about this Self Care Sweater. Even locating by happenstance the size I needed! The fit is flattering and feminine. The cabling is beautiful. The pockets are the perfect size. I could not be more thrilled to own this sweater. It is truly an heirloom piece. I cannot believe my good fortune in finding this sweater while searching. Love my personal Self Care Sweater! And Mara, with all the folks at A Shop About Love!" -Pati


"I received the sweater. It’s perfect. What you see on the website is what you receive. The quality is stellar!!!!!! Thank you so much for a quality product and excellent customer service." -Lynn 


"I love this self care sweater so much! Whenever I wear it I feel so cozy it’s amazing. It also looks really attractive on. :)"  -Emma


"Absolutely gorgeous. Quick shipping. Love it!" -Rosalind


"This is a delightfully warm sweater! It is so comfortable and comforting. I am 5’6” and 165lb. I purchased an XL and it is nice and comfy big. I think that might help if I ever have to wash it as it might shrink a little. This sweater is super well made and will last for years! I just love it!!"

"I love this sweater! It’s nicely made and it’s softer than I thought wool would be."  -Nikita


"A beautiful handcrafted sweater. Arrived very quickly, just as described."  -Marilyn


"Gorgeous, beautifully made, warm as a bear hug. Large is slightly oversized for my size 8 frame, but still flattering-- just as I hoped. I'm not taking it off." L. Monroe


"Exactly what I was looking for! Great workmanship, cozy & stylish..."


"Beautifully made, insanely warm, quick shipping, POCKETS!!!!!" -Amy