Smoothie Queen Tote
Smoothie Queen Tote
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Smoothie Queen Tote

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Spinach. Frozen Berries. 1/4 Frozen Banana. Coconut Water. This is my favorite smoothie of all time, and I think of its goodness every time I see this cheerful bag. Take this bag with you to your local farmer's market and load up on greens and fresh fruit. Because green smoothies will help your skin to glow and help the earth to be happier, too. Not to mention, local veggies are the bomb.


Made by hand from: 100% Toquilla (Palm Leaf)
Base Size: 13" H x 20" W
Round base, bucket style bag

Designed by Mara. Suitable for carrying loads of things, this bag is as sturdy as they come. Made by expert weaving artisans in a weaving town in Ecuador. Drive through this town, and every woman you see in every direction will be carrying palm leaves and weaving a beautiful piece of art.